We are a team of
New York and Brussels
based creatives,

exploring at the intersection of architecture, design and technology.
We are on a mission to inspire, create meaning and provoke emotions through design and storytelling.

Socle is a multidisciplinary creative studio, experienced in the fields of architecture, design and urban planning. Launched in New York in 2016, we opened up a Brussels branch soon after – serving both the Americas and Eurasia.

We learned the ropes making our hands dirty, feeling spaces by designing and even building them. Often, there was art to be hung on the walls, sometimes in the disguise of random objects or fashion – a world we've made our own where we roam freely and intuitively.

Build on a broad foundation of teamwork and collaborations – both internal and external – we embrace every challenge that crosses our path.

When we say our architecture is one of contrasts, it’s because as a duo, we yin each other’s yang. Between the two of us, we’ve lived in 12 cities on 3 continents—circumstances that shape our way of looking at the world and the many ways it provides us with a home, a cocoon, an escape.

After training at renowned practices around the world, Socle gives form to a partnership, where we share our knowledge, ideas and experience with our clients – old and new.


Dante Furioso
Nicolas Borgerhoff
Bryan Hou
George Louras
Dionisio Cortes Ortega, RA, AIA

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