Operating out of New York,
Los Angeles and Brussels,
we are a team,

of international architects, exhibition- and productdesigners. We meet at the intersection of architecture, art and technology and blend them into designs that inspire, create meaning and instill emotion.

Socle is an international and multidisciplinary architecture studio.

We’ve learned the ropes making our hands dirty, feeling spaces not only by designing, but by building them. Often, there was art to be hung on the walls, as the world of contemporary art is one that feels close to ours.

Today, we’ve expanded our practice. Building on a broad foundation of teamwork and collaborations, we apply our conceptual Fingerspitzengefühl to the art of contemporary living and working.

Our architecture is one of contrasts.

That’s because as a duo, we yin each other’s yang. Between the two of us, we’ve lived in twelve cities on three continents—circumstances that have shaped our way of looking at the world and the many ways it provides us with a home, a place to work, an escape.

As a team, we stack our knowledge, ideas and experience a little higher still and lovingly share it with our clients.


Charlotte Deketelaere
Tyler Javitz
Christine Cos
Peter Galliaert
David Audenaert
Aad Verstraelen

Nicolas Borgerhoff
Lisa Barrière
Linde Muyshondt
Robin Decoster
Zinnia Dogra
Ashley Manalac
Dante Furioso
Bryan Hou
George Louras
Dionisio Cortes Ortega, RA, AIA

Care to join us?

Send in your portfolio and tell us why it should be you.